Investment Management

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Investment management

We believe that capital entrusted to us by clients is precious. We actively build portfolios from managers who are considered to be ‘best of breed’ across all sectors, geographical areas and asset classes for optimum results. You are right to expect high standards of due diligence in all that we do and portfolio construction and investment management is no exception.

We follow a structured investment management process which affords our clients the best opportunity to meet their objectives, without exposing them to unnecessary risk.

Our process begins by establishing client goals and their risk profile, which we use to determine an appropriate mix of assets for their portfolio (i.e. equities, fixed income, property, commodities, currencies). We work with an independent investment research company, whose daily review process helps us select, monitor and replace fund managers within our client portfolios.

To deliver consistent returns we believe in:

  • Broad asset and geographical diversification
  • Use of specialists within sectors and asset classes
  • Construct asset allocations within portfolios with reference to leading stochastic models, applying  behavioural overlays, which provide additional diversification benefits

All of our portfolios are diversified across geographical regions, assets and sectors and our fund selections underpinned by research, discipline and conviction (example portfolio below)

Our Investment Process – Fund selection

Fish & FE Invest – Proven track record of expertise

With 20+ years of experience, FE’s investment research service provides us with independent analysis and  selection of funds from the largest household names, to focussed specialists from some of today’s most exciting investment boutiques.

Our partnership with FE Invest Provides:

  • Access to some of the word’s best managers, not just mass market retail funds
  • A robust and repeatable process aimed at identifying funds and fund managers that meet strict performance, behavioural and risk measures
  • Continual monitoring and replacement of managers
  • An investment process designed to manage risk and deliver consistent returns

Portfolio Governance –

Once selected, the individual funds that make up our client portfolios are reviewed daily against risk, behavioural, structural and performance measures. This rigorous process ensures that we are kept up to date with any material changes that may affect the longer term performance of our portfolios, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that your wealth is being actively managed. (for further detail see governance methodology  in our download section)

Click here to view – Monthly investment governance report

Review process – On going Portfolio Management, designed to Keep you on Track

On a 6 monthly  basis all portfolios within our Portfolio Service are formally reviewed, both at portfolio and at individual holding level.

This review is both detailed and challenging, as it looks to thoroughly investigate and understand current investment risk and the short term return characteristics. It is imperative that the risk within each portfolio remains within a pre-defined acceptable range and that the asset allocation is considered within a strategic and tactical context to ensure the portfolios remain both invested in-line with the views of the investment committee but more importantly in-line with the risk profile of the client

The investment services we offer clients include;

  • Multi asset portfolios. Portfolio management
  • Alternative and leveraged investments
  • Access to fully active & hybrid portfolios (blend of active & passive)
  • Discretionary management
  • Portfolio lending (via trading partner)
  • Risk graded investment strategies – Absolute and total return strategies
  • Tactical cash solutions

No longer an art form…..

Investment planning is now more of a science, rather than an art, Technology, ever increasing investment opportunities and stricter regulation have all encouraged the more scientific approach. But has your investment strategy kept pace?

Your investment plans would probably benefit from a careful examination if;

  • your investment holdings have not been reviewed in the last year
  • Your financial objectives have changed since your holdings were last reviewed or are likely to do so in the near future
  • You are still holding funds you bought more than 10 years ago, for example those only purchased in an early individual savings account (ISA) or even a former personal equity plan (PEP)